The hurricane of September 1900 (14 Sep 1900)

The hurricane of September 1900 victims: The barkentine Culdoon, carrying 330,000 feet of pine building lumber, is lying in 12 feet of water 5 miles south of Caryfoot [sic] Light. Work is under way to remove cargo and tow her to Key West. The steel bark South American is on the reefs 13 miles south of Careys Fort [sic] Light. The vessel is a total loss and the cargo of mahogany will be sold on site. The captain of the South American reported on his way past Miami: The 4-masted schooner James Dodge in ballast inside the reefs and afloat. A vessel with only stumps left of masts and no crew. A Norwegian bark with no one on board. There is another vessel on the reefs south of the South American. (14 Sep 1900)

Newspaper: The Miami Metropolis (weekly)

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