More on Kirby Archer Photos (20 Oct 2007)

More on Kirby Archer. [Photos] [The Archer and Zarabozo case continues: 24Oct07 3BH, 26Oct07 6BH, 01Nov07 3BH, 08Nov07 3BH, 15Dec07 5BH, 31Dec07 1BH, 08Mar08 3BH, 26Apr08 3BH, 30Apr08 2BH, 01May08 1BH, 02May08 3BH, 22May08 5BH, 18Jul08 1BH, 25Jul08 1BH, 14Aug08 6BH, 23Aug08 3BH, 15sep08 3BH, 16Sep08 3BH, 17Sep08 6BH, 19Sep08 3BH, 23Sep08 1BH, 24Sep08 3BH, 25Sep08 3BH, 26Sep08 2BH, 30Sep08 3BH, 01Oct08 1AH, 02Oct08 1BH, 06Oct08 2BH, 07Oct08 1BH, 15Oct08 1BH, 06Nov08 1AH, 20Jan09 3BH, 10Feb09 2BH, 14Feb09 1BH, 18Feb09 1BH, 20Feb09 1BH, 04Mar09 3BH and 07May09 1BH.] (20 Oct 2007)

Newspapers: Miami Morning News or The Miami Herald

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