Miami divers Dunlap Crivello and (18 Aug 1956)

Miami divers Dunlap, Crivello and Roebling display artifacts recovered from an old shipwreck near Miami. [Photo] [Conversations with Thomas Roebling, Key Largo, Florida and Carl Crivello, Dahlonega, Georgia in 1989 confirm this wreck is the Brick Wreck on Long Reef in Biscayne National Park.] (18 Aug 1956) Newspapers: Miami Morning News or The Miami Herald … Continue reading Miami divers Dunlap Crivello and (18 Aug 1956)


Miami Maritime History: Abstracts of Local Newspapers Copyright 1994. Terence L. Helmers Acknowledgement that this database is used in your research is expected. This database of abstracts primarily provides information focused on maritime data in Miami newspapers on ships plying the water in, out and about the Miami Harbor from 1896 to 31 December 2009. … Continue reading More


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