Daily port report: Steamships Roanoke (6 Oct 1936)

Daily port report: Steamships Roanoke, York, Florida, Shawnee, Dorchester, City of Fairbury, Munargo, Helen, Lexington, Commercial Navigator, Ozark, and Elizabeth. Motor vessels Ena K., Powers, Pilot No. 1 and J. B. Sullivan. (6 Oct 1936) Newspapers: Miami Morning News or The Miami Herald Page: 8, Section: A

Daily port report: Motor vessels (27 Aug 1947)

Daily port report: Motor vessels Cornelian, William Glenn, Arrue, Countless, Ottawa, Santa Clara, Shaneliean, Venture II, Sylph., Marie Anna, Bayfield, Marcross and Capitole. Steamships YD 629, Florida, Empire State, Samson and Pat Doris. Tankers Henry L. Ellsworth and Roanoke. Unknown type LCT 857, Tropical Trader and Lady Dundas. (27 Aug 1947) Newspapers: Miami Morning News … Continue reading Daily port report: Motor vessels (27 Aug 1947)


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