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Watkins Marine and Salvage Corp (26 Jul 1959)

Watkins Marine and Salvage Corp. displays cannons, anchors, jewelry, pottery and other artifacts recovered from a 1733 shipwreck near Little Conch Reef. [Photos] (26 Jul 1959) Newspapers: Miami Morning News or The Miami Herald Page: 16, Section: C

The muzzles of four 1687 (7 Feb 1929)

The muzzles of four 1687 cannons buried on a beach near Batabano, Cuba, were stuffed with Spanish doubloons, pieces of gold and jewels. (7 Feb 1929) Newspapers: The Miami News (weekly), Miami News-Metropolis, Miami Daily News or The Miami News Page: 1, Section: N/A

The hurricane is in Nassau (12 Sep 1908)

The hurricane is in Nassau moving westward. The barometer in Maynard’s Jewelry Store is falling rapidly. (12 Sep 1908) Newspapers: Daily Miami Metropolis, The Miami Metropolis (daily), The Daily Metropolis or Miami Daily Metropolis Page: 1, Section: N/A