Divers Arthur Davis and Harold (30 May 1960)

Divers Arthur Davis and Harold Freitag display pottery, spoons and other artifacts recovered from an old wreck near Triumph Reef in shallow water. [Photo] [Conversation with Harold Freitag, Coral Gables, Florida, in 1994 confirm this is the Brick Wreck.] (30 May 1960) Newspapers: Miami Morning News or The Miami Herald Page: 1, Section: B

The dredges Davis Hester and (17 Jan 1920)

The dredges Davis, Hester and Florida are filling 400 acres of low land at Miami Beach. (17 Jan 1920) Newspapers: Daily Miami Metropolis, The Miami Metropolis (daily), The Daily Metropolis or Miami Daily Metropolis Page: 6, Section: N/A