The upside down schooner on (1 Nov 1924)

The upside down schooner on Caxambus bar near Marco is the Adelaide D and she will be rolled over to search for bodies of the crew. (1 Nov 1924) Newspapers: The Miami News (weekly), Miami News-Metropolis, Miami Daily News or The Miami News Page: 1, Section: B


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Photo-mosaics are taken of shipwrecks (30 Apr 2006)

Photo-mosaics are taken of shipwrecks in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. [Photo] The location of the 1889 shipwreck Adelaide Baker is 24 degrees 42.175 minutes north and 80 degrees 53.670 minutes west. (30 Apr 2006) Newspapers: Miami Morning News or The Miami Herald Page: 16, Section: D